Advisors and Partners

Although the Board and Senior Executives of the Company have significant professional experience in a wide range of disciplines, the business of Medisec requires highly expert advice on various technical areas including actuarial, risk distribution, international medical claims experience, financial compliance, investment management and regulatory enquiries.

It is for this reason that the Board has a policy of seeking the best available advice in all specialist areas. With the benefit of such advice, the senior executives are well-positioned to outline the options available to the Board in all key areas of our business.

In the recent past we have utilised the advice of BDO, Compliance Ireland and Eugene F Collins Solicitors, O’Connor Solicitors, Comyn Kelleher Tobin and Kate McMahon & Associates. The advices of such firms have served to ensure that the Company remains well briefed on the many complexities which face our business today. Medisec will continue to seek external advice in specialist areas as we believe this is to the benefit of the Company and its members. However, in each area, external advice is sought on a competitive basis. Edelman Ireland provides media and crisis management advice to Medisec.