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Advertising by a GP moving practice

Advertising – GP moving premises

Can GP place banner on new premises to advise of re-location?

Can GP advertise GP Practice on same flyer as a Pharmacy?

Can GP advertise in the Newspaper?

GP must adhere to section 44 of the Medical Council Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners1

44 Provision of information to the public and advertising

44.1 Information about medical services published in the media, internet or other means is generally in the public interest provided the information is factually accurate, evidence based and not misleading.

44.2 You must include your Medical Council registration number in your letter headings, medical

prescriptions and all other documentation and records (paper or electronic) related to your practice, and in any information you publish about your practice or services. Your letter headings should not include membership of associations or societies other than those recognised or accredited by appropriate training bodies. Information about your practice or services should also explain that doctors may only practise in countries in which they are registered.

44.3 You may advertise your practice by publicising the name and address of the practice, the practice hours and contact details. You may only include your area of specialty if it is one that is recognised by the Medical Council and you are entered for that specialty in the Specialist Division of the Register. You may display a professional plate and sign at your place of practice indicating your registered name, registered qualifications or international equivalents, and registered specialties. The plate may also indicate hours of attendance, telephone numbers, services you provide and details of emergency services.

44.4 If you want to publish more information about the services you provide, you must make sure the information is true and verifiable, does not make false claims or does not have the potential to raise unrealistic expectations. For example, you should avoid using photographic or other illustrations of the human body to promote cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures as they may raise unrealistic expectations among potential patients.

You should include information about any risks associated with the services you provide.

44.5 The fees you charge should be appropriate to the service you provide. You should tell patients before the consultation and treatment what the costs are likely to be.

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