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Locums – Problem / Incompetence Concern

Members should always receive sight of the locum’s current medical defence details and check that the doctor is registered with the Medical Council before appointing a locum.

If members are not satisfied at the level of service/treatment provided by the locum, they should get an explanation in writing from the locum. The GP should review the records of any patient the locum doctor has treated. If the locum was appointed by an agency the Member should immediately notify the agency of any concerns.

A formal notification to the Medical Council can certainly be considered if a material case of professional misconduct arises.

Concerned about a Locums abuse of alcohol or drugs or other health problems

The Medical Council Guide to Professional Conduct & Ethics state in paragraph 59;

59. Concerns about a colleague’s abuse of alcohol or drugs or other health problems

59.1 If you are concerned about a colleague’s health or professional competence due to the misuse of alcohol or drugs, a physical or psychological disorder or other factors, your primary duty is to protect patients. If there is a risk to patient safety, you must inform the relevant authority of your concerns without delay. If there is no current risk, you          should support your colleague by advising them to seek expert professional help or to consider referral to the Medical Council’s Health Committee.

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