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Best Practice advice in relation to – Vaccinations

The GP should be familiar with the vaccine manufacturer’s SPC (Summary of Product Characteristics)

The patient should be given the manufacturer’s current Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) to read prior to the vaccination. The content of the PIL should be explained as necessary and the patient should be given an opportunity to query anything they do not understand with the GP.

The GP should have a standard vaccination consent form prepared and request the patient to sign it confirming that:

  1. They have read the Patient Information Leaflet (specify the vaccine)
  2. That the GP has explained common and serious side effects to them
  3. That the Patient was given the opportunity to question the GP if they were unsure about any aspect of the medication.
  4. That the Patient consents to receiving the vaccine.

The vaccination procedure, including vaccine data, should be entered in the patient’s records along with the signed consent form.

SPC’s are available from published by the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association Ltd. PILs are contained in product packaging and also available from

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