Medical Indemnity Insurance Cover

Our medical indemnity insurance is underwritten by one of the world’s largest insurers, Allianz p.l.c., offering you comprehensive cover and peace of mind.

Professional Indemnity Insurance underwritten by Allianz p.l.c.

The following summary is intended as a guide only and you are referred to the Allianz Policy Terms and Conditions for full details of cover.

Medisec arranges protection for professional negligence through a specially negotiated scheme for professional indemnity insurance with one of the world’s leading health care insurers – Allianz p.l.c.

The cover provides indemnity in respect of the legal liability arising from the medical advice and treatment normally provided by GPs registered and practising medicine from an address in Ireland from incidents happening in the Republic of Ireland. This also extends to Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands if a member has to treat one of his/her patients in any of these areas.

Policy cover is on a “claims made” basis. This means that cover is in respect of claims arising from incidents occurring after policy retroaction date stated in the Certificate of Insurance and which are first made against the member and reported to us while the policy is still in force.

Run Off Cover is required once the policy has been cancelled. This is to cover any claims that may arise subsequent to the cancellation of the policy.

The Medisec Master Policy is an insured product based on Allianz Terms and Conditions with an indemnity level of €10 million – the product offers contract certainty and is enforceable in the courts. Allianz p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Extensions in cover automatically include

Please note that the extensions described below are in summary form only. For the full extent of cover provided please refer to the policy document.

  • PARTNERSHIP LIABILITY COVER Where a member is sued solely by reason of being associated with a Partnership or Medical Group against which a claim is made. Members are obliged to ascertain that Partners have insurance of their own.
  • LOCUM TENENS Members will be indemnified as a result of malpractice of a locum tenens although we advise that your policy does not provide indemnity cover for the locum tenens. Members are obliged to ascertain that locum tenens have insurance of their own and maintain a copy of same.
  • COVER FOR EMPLOYEES Subject to notification, Indemnity is provided in respect of the malpractice of any your employees without additional charge. This extension cannot include a medical practitioner, dentist or midwife, but will include a practice nurse.
  • CLINICAL TRIALS Indemnity in respect of participation in approved clinical trials (refer to Policy Document)
  • “GOOD SAMARITAN” COVER The Company will indemnify the insured for claims in circumstances of a bona fide emergency.
  • CLAIMS EXPENSES The Policy provides a reasonable allowance for travel, lodging and food expenses when assisting in the defence of a claim against the member and a daily allowance for loss of earnings when attending a trial or a pre-trial consultation.
  • EXTENDED REPORTING PERIOD In the event of death, or retirement due to permanent total disablement, a free extended reporting period will apply for 36 months after your policy has expired.
  • RETROACTIVE COVER Retroactive Cover is available for anyone moving from a defence society with similar “claims made” cover, thus alleviating the need for any payment for tail cover with that insurer.

Additional Features

Discounted premiums are available for GPs taking out their first “claims made” Policy.

Step down premium rate reductions for GPs who do not work full time. These rates are based on the number of sessions worked during the membership year. See Subscription Rates Schedule for further details.

Maternity Leave: Free Policy suspension for up to 52 weeks. Only Good Samaritan cover provided during maternity leave.

Lifestyle Breaks: Members can avail of “Lifestyle Breaks”, which will enable you to take a maximum of three (3 x 12 months) “Lifestyle Breaks” in every ten years insured with Allianz. The Lifestyle Break can be extended for a continuous maximum thirty-six month period in minimum blocks of twelve months, and is subject to certain terms and conditions.

Good Samaritan cover only, will be in place during Lifestyle Breaks, as per Policy terms and conditions.

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Medical Indemnity Insurance Cover

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