Complaints and Disciplinary Assistance

Medisec understands the stress of a complaint on the life of a GP and we are here to offer support

The Medisec complaints and disciplinary service assists members with matters related to professional conduct and ethics, including professional conduct and poor professional performance, responsibilities to patients, medical records and confidentiality, consent to medical treatment and professional practice. The service is provided on a discretionary basis.

In determining in each instance whether discretionary support is provided to a Member, the Medisec Board shall consider, inter alia, the following:

That the Member:

  • Contacts Medisec as soon as a complaint is notified and before any action is taken in each instance.
  • Agrees to follow the advice of Medisec and its Solicitors, and not do anything contrary to that advice.
  • Advises Medisec of any relevant issues immediately they arise.

This support shall be reviewed at each stage of the complaints procedure. The complaints and disciplinary service will apply to General Practitioner activities only, within the terms of cover.

While all relevant and reasonable expenses will be discharged by Medisec in relation to matters involving the Medical Council and the Medical Practitioners Act 2007, expenses in other cases whether involving Health Service Executive or other parties will be discharged up to a figure not exceeding €15,000 in any one matter. Any additional expense over the amount quoted is to be borne by the member of Medisec involved.