Medisec Factsheets

A guide for GPs and their staff on triage at reception
Everyone who has ever worked behind a GP’s reception desk hears this demand every day. Everyone wants to be seen NOW!
Best practice guidelines from Medisec GP Advisory Panel on managing test results
Part of the daily job of a GP is ordering tests of various sorts- bloods, swabs from different sites, urine samples, smears, skin lesions etc. This guide will focus ONLY on tests performed by the doctors and nurses in the practice.
Repeat Prescribing
Best practice in Repeat Prescribing – a Brief Guide for Medisec Members. Repeat prescribing is a common activity in general practice and typically involves all members of the practice team at various stages.
Awaiting Image
Medisec factsheet on a chaperone policy, a precedent policy for GP practice and two options for chaperones posters.