Medisec Subscription Options

Medisec Master Subscriptions

Subscription list effective from July 2017.

Product Type Description Year Annual
Indemnity Cover
(See Note 1)
Membership Fee
(See Note 2)
Standard Subscription   N/A €5,882.33 €3,944.83 €1,937.50
Introductory Subscription For GP’s taking out 1st Claims Made Policy Year 1 €3,884.35 €2,174.35 €1,710.00
Reduced Sessions Sessions        
20 to 24 hours 5 to 6   €4,411.13 €2,958.62 €1,452.51
10 to 19 hours 3 to 4   €3,101.38 €2,268.28 €833.10
Less than 10 hours 1 to 2   €1,918.69 €1,380.69 €538.00
Maternity Leave Up to 52 weeks policy suspension        


Note 1. The premiums amount includes a 5% government levy and a 10% Commission received by Medisec from Allianz and passed on in full to our members.

Note 2. The Medisec Membership Fee comprises complaints and disciplinary support, round the clock advice and assistance along with risk management and best practice guidelines.

Please note: If availing of reduced sessional rates, we would remind you to ensure you have adequate level of cover in place to meet your sessional commitments. An inadequate level of sessions may affect your policy cover in the event of a claim / compliant made against you.

Medisec Ireland is a single agency intermediary with Allianz plc and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland