Supplementary Membership of Medisec at just €150 per annum includes the following:

24/7 Local expert advice

We are available 24/7 and members have unlimited talk time with our expert team of in-house lawyers and clinical risk advisors on medical, ethical or legal queries that may arise in practice. We respond to 98% of queries on the same day and answer thousands of calls annually. Our work is supported by our Clinical Advisory Panel which reviews developments in practice and advises on risk mitigation, education and queries relating to scope of practice.

Complaints and Disciplinary Assistance

This service deals with matters relating to professional conduct and ethics, poor professional performance, responsibilities to patients, medical records and confidentiality, consent to medical treatment and professional practice.

We understand the stressful effect a complaint can have on a GP, and are here to support you.

Good Samaritan Medical Indemnity Insurance Cover

As a Trainee GP registered on an ICGP GP Training Scheme, you’re covered for the work you do in your practice by the Clinical Indemnity Scheme. But sometimes, it’s not enough.

We offer extra cover so you are covered for Good Samaritan Acts that you may be called upon to do in an emergency.

Outstanding Risk and Best Practice Guidelines

Medisec focuses on risk management and educational initiatives to help members meet best practice standards in the interests of patient safety, and to reduce the frequency of claims and complaints.

Eligibility for Membership

Medical Practitioners registered with the Irish Medical Council and on an approved ICGP GP Training Scheme.