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Outstanding Risk & Best Practice Education

Our risk management programmes will help you provide the highest standards of
patient safety and reduce the likelihood of complaints and claims.

Our specialist knowledge and experience advising doctors in Ireland we has enabled us to develop risk management and education programmes to help our members provide the very best patient safety and care and reduce the incidents of complaints and claims. Medisec is working with key stakeholders on best practice for patient care in Ireland and will assist our members comply with the professional competency scheme and their individual CPD requirements.


Medisec, in collaboration with Allianz, who underwrite the professional indemnity insurance for our members, assists members on best practice and risk management by use of advisories, publications, website, seminars, presentations, workshops, and customised clinical risk programmes. Medisec is committed to:

  • Promotion of better quality patient safety and care;
  • Openness, transparency and improved communications with patients;
  • Delivery of support and education on best practice;
  • Improving performance and effectiveness to help reduce errors and complaints;
  • Advising on risk, regulatory obligations and compliance with legislation;
  • Promotion of robust quality systems to ensure a more open culture;
  • A proactive approach to managing risk to ensure better outcomes.

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