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Ruth Shipsey

CEO/Executive Director

Ruth Shipsey

Ruth Shipsey is Chief Executive of Medisec. A solicitor with over thirty years’ experience in advising healthcare professionals, Ruth understands the medico-legal landscape and the challenges it creates for doctors, lawyers and medical indemnifiers alike. Ruth joined Medisec from Hayes solicitors in 2013 where she was a key member of the largest legal team dedicated solely to medical and dental defence litigation in the country. Ruth is committed to ensuring that Medisec’s strong reputation of service to members is maintained and indeed enhanced. She personally, alongside her team, makes herself available on a 24/7 basis to support members with their medico legal queries and concerns. She articulates the Company's vision to be recognised as the indemnity body of choice for General Practitioners in Ireland; to be respected as the pre-eminent GP advisory and risk authority; to provide exemplary complaints and disciplinary support; while supporting and promoting optimum care for patients. Ruth keeps abreast of policy developments that may affect Medisec or GPs generally and engages with key external stakeholders to promote strategic partnerships that may assist delivery of Medisec’s mission. Ruth works closely with members and their regulatory and professional bodies such as the ICGP on devising training and education programmes and strategies.

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