We arrange outstanding occurrence professional indemnity insurance cover

All GPs joining Medisec will enjoy absolute peace of mind with occurrence professional indemnity insurance underwritten by MedPro.

Find out more about MedPro’s policy here.

We provide complaints and disciplinary assistance

Our members have peace of mind because we offer a Complaints and Disciplinary service and our in-house legal team of 10 Irish qualified legal counsel and 2 clinical risk advisors will expertly advise members throughout the process. We only work with select external healthcare counsel and the top experts who have the best experience, empathy and professionalism to guide and support our members through medico-legal challenges.

We offer 24/7 expert advice and support

We are available 24/7 and members have unlimited talk time with our expert team of in-house legal counsel and clinical risk advisors on medical, ethical or legal queries that may arise in practice. We respond to 98% of queries on the same day and answer thousands of calls annually. Our work is supported by our Clinical Advisory Panel which reviews developments in practice and advises on risk mitigation, education and queries relating to scope of practice.

We invest in risk management and best practice education

Medisec focuses on risk management and educational initiatives to help members meet best practice standards in the interests of patient safety, and to reduce the frequency of claims and complaints. Our team travels the length and breadth of the country annually, visiting practices to deliver tailored risk management programmes.

Consent to Settle

While you look after your patients, we will look after you. We understand how much our members value and want to protect their professional reputations. That’s why MedPro has a consent to settle clause in their contract of insurance, which means they will collaborate closely with you and seek your consent before settling any claim made against you.

Occurrence based indemnity cover

GP Registrar

Registrars can now access the same great support and advice that Medisec offers to all its members, giving peace of mind and consistency of support and advice.

The cover we offer to GP registrars supplements the Clinical Indemnity Scheme, which insures them only in respect of civil litigation. It gives GP registrars cover for Medical Council complaints and assistance in respect of Inquests. It also gives access to our helpline and to our education resources (both of which are non-regulated activities).

If you are interested in proceeding with an application, please contact us by telephone on 01 661 0504 or by email to info@medisec.ie for guidance on the next steps to take.

Alternatively, please click here to download our application for GP Registrars and return a completed copy to us by email to info@medisec.ie or by post to 7 Lower Hatch Street, Dublin 2 and we will guide you through the next steps required.

GP Entity

Medisec provide cover for GP Entities, click here to find out more.

Same day response to 98% of queries

Over 5,200 medico-legal queries answered in the last 2 years

12% of medico-legal queries answered “out of hours”