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Our members benefit from unlimited talk time.

If you have a medico-legal or dento-legal query, you can browse our factsheets and resources, contact us by email on, telephone us on 01 661 0504 or contact an individual member of our advisory team.

Our medico-legal and dento-legal telephone advisory service is available to members with queries 24/7.

Members seeking urgent medico-legal advice can call 01 661 0504.

Outstanding Risk and Best Practice Education

Medisec focuses on risk management and educational initiatives to help members meet best practice standards in the interests of patient safety, and to reduce the frequency of claims and complaints.

Disclaimer: In the interests of patient confidentiality and in compliance with data protection legislation, when contacting us for medico-legal or dento-legal advice, please do not provide information on the telephone or in an email to Medisec that would allow a patient to be identified. Medisec is connected to the secure email system Healthmail and it is our preferred means of secure communication with members.